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Traditional Earrings to Make A Fashion statement!

You can change the entire look and feel of your wardrobe by adding the right earrings to it. Your choice of earrings can help you highlight your softer feminine side, bring out the hot goddess, show off your charm, refinement, or sophistication. Traditional Earrings are a guaranteed style statement.

Earrings are believed to be in use since 3000 BC. In many cultures the choice of earrings that a person wore determined their status in the society. Precious jewellery was used by the rich and affluent, whereas the rest of the populace wore earrings made of less expensive metals like Iron Or Bronze and other materials like Stone or Ivory. 

In our times, however, we have numerous choices in earings, which include the traditional earrings like Jhumka, Bali, Chandbali and more contemporary ones like the Studs or dangles. Amongst these, the Gold Plated earrings are available in designs so close to real gold jewellery that it is hard to distinguish them. The earings also come studded with American Diamonds or also called Cubic Zirconia that give the look of Diamond studded jewellery. These are affordable, look fantastic, and are excellent for staying stylish.

You can never have enough Earrings. A great collection of Traditional Earrings would complement any style of clothing. A great pair of Earrings can change your entire look. Its Navratri and you want to play Garba, add those Oxidised Jhumkas to look even more stunning. Have a wedding to attend, how about some traditional earrings and necklace. American Diamond studs will look great with your daily office wear!

It’s impressive what a pair of earrings can do to your look! So go ahead and build that collection of Traditional and contemporary Earrings to satisfy all your style needs. Earrings are one of the most vital wardrobe accessories you can have. Select Traditional Earrings that match your style, character and your tastes. Buy that pair of traditional earrings that feel like “you”. 

Traditional Earrings additionally make a wonderful gift for your family and friends. Pick a style that meets their personality. The recipient will certainly be delighted and this will give you great joy as well seeing them wear that stylish pair. 

So go ahead and make that style statement and let people know who you are. is the manufacturer of Crave brand of premium gold plated, and traditional jewellery including earrings, bangles, necklace, Mangalsutra, rings, bracelets, chains, pendants and many more.

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Gold Plated Jewellery in your budget

Rose Gold Plated Jewellery

While gold jewellery makes an impressive part of the collection in every jewellery box, it certainly does not do any good to the savings account. Not everyone can afford to buy expensive gold ornaments for every single occasion, but these accessories are a classic must-have in every wardrobe. Gold plated jewellery is a popular alternative to the ones made with precious metal. First, they are easily available and affordable, which means almost every departmental store, and every imitation jewellery store stocks them. Second, they are available in versatile designs and interesting patterns with stone work or enamel finish or plain gold finish, which makes them popular among women, regardless of their specific tastes. Third, they can be changed easily with the changing trends in fashion, since they are inexpensive and the collection can be refreshed constantly. The list is never ending, when it comes to advantages of these alternatives for real gold jewellery.

Gold plated jewellery is also available in sterling silver or copper and brass, which is coated with a wafer thin layer of gold. As it is not made of solid gold, it is budget friendly, and due to the gold plating, it looks expensive. The jewellery price and quality varies with the amount of gold used for plating, and the thickness of the plating used. As there are unlimited items available, there is one suitable for every budget and taste.

The occasion and the need have to be kept in mind when selecting the right piece of jewellery. Since these accessories can be worn with various types of outfits, choosing versatile pieces that can double up as both formal and casual wear is a good idea. For formal wear, Gold plated jewellery with simple and elegant designs, probably accompanied by stone work, or pearls is a good idea. Nowadays, colored glass, or crystals are used to create these accessories to add extra glamour and sparkle to the pieces. Such pieces can be chosen for both formal and casual wear. For party wear, jewellery with big, eye catching pendants and colorful stones are suitable, to add extra charm to the outfit.

Gold plated jewellery must be cared for, to make them last long. Although imitation gold jewellery can be changed according to the trends, there are some pieces that never go out of style. The gold plating must be preserved in order to keep them looking new forever. They must be kept away from moisture, salt water, harmful chemicals and perfumes and must be cleaned with soft cloth regularly to keep the shine intact. Investing in good quality jewellery and maintaining them well makes the purchase worth every time it glitters along with the outfit.

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